I have a major problem. I am at high risk for receiving “inflammatory thoughts”. It starts as a harmless, tiny seed but quickly progresses in size. The source of each seed is commonly traced back to the heart. There is no known cure for this condition.

It begins upon cross-contamination with excitement and passion. This heavily induces the spread of inflammation. Before I know it, the thought has grown to the size of a redwood. During this advanced state, mutation occurs. The thought transmits externally into obsessive behavior. It causes severe researching, organizing, and learning about the subject at matter. Anxiety, frustration, and discontent are common side effects during this state. It is only until real life begins to reflect the inflamed thought that all symptoms decease.

What I’m calling inflammatory thoughts, Joseph Campbell calls “The Call to Adventure.” If that phone starts ringing, God help you. It will never stop until you answer it. Try to ignore it, and it will only get louder. Your heart and mind will start screaming.

Pay phone

Here’s what I mean:

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 6 years. My sister forced me to my first class. It wasn’t really “my thing” back then. I was doing Muay Thai in college with no interest in a slow, “lower-intensity” workout. I walked out of Power Yoga in Santa Monica after an evening of a non-heated class, drenched, out of breathe, and somehow feeling euphoric.

My interest quickly peaked. I began researching how I can learn more to deepen my practice. That year, I looked into yoga teacher trainings all over the world. Though my heart said “Yes!,” the cost said “That’s cute!”, so I never did it.

Finally in January 2013, I committed to yoga teacher training when I was living in New York. Hallelujah! I was stoked to finally answer that call — to silence those thoughts. Or so I thought. About two months later I dropped out. It was a decision I made after the instructor asked me for a blood sacrifice. No joke. This was one rare case where I didn’t do my research. Lesson learned.

In March 2015, my favorite yoga studio in San Diego (my current residence) posted up a sign for an upcoming yoga teacher training. It was titled “The Hero’s Journey.”

Hero’s Journey? Really? That’s a bit dramatic for yoga ya’ll…

My work life was busy to the brink. My company  was in the process of a huge re-brand. I was in the middle of an igolu practicum, working on a creative side project for a friend, bartending one night a week, and trying to redesign my personal website (this blog). There was no way I would have time to commit to 4 days a week 2-5 hours each day, for 9 weeks. No freaking way!!!

So, I signed up for yoga teacher training.

“When you follow your bliss the universe will give you doors where there were once walls.” Joseph Campbell was right. I answered the call and things lined up just as I needed them to be in order for this to work out. On April 29, 2015 I began yoga teacher training at Mantra Yoga and Juice Bar. I was told it was going to change my life forever and that by the end of it, I was going to be a hero.

Again with the drama. I’m calling bullshit!

On June 28, 2015, I graduated yoga teacher training. I get it now… I fully understand why my first teacher training in New York didn’t work out. Without even the slightest hesitation, I can say my life has changed forever. In fact, I can’t imagine my life without this experience. I even discovered my Hero. It turns out, my Hero kicks ass.

Graduating at Mantra Yoga with my fellow Hero’s. Photographer: Stacey Trottier

More posts on 200 Hours to Becoming a Hero coming soon… Namaste.

5 thoughts on “200 Hours to Becoming a Hero: Lesson 1 – Answer The Call to Adventure

  1. Mandy, I like your block! It got me thinking that I need to spend more time on me, or searching for centers me. Let me know how I follow your writings.




    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Mick! If you go to my Evolving Warrior home page, there is a blue bar at the bottom right hand corner that says “follow.” When you run your cursor over it, it will allow you to enter in your email address to send any new blogs to your inbox. Thank you again!


  2. Ok you have me on the edge of my seat, can’t wait to hear more about the journey of this “hero” and thank you for introducing me to yoga I needed it in my life


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