Have a place that you call home but don’t be leashed to it.
Accept stagnancy as your most terrifying fear.

Grasp immense curiosity as your fuel for vitality.
Believe you’re capable of living life courageously.

Find comfort in the turbulence of transportation.
Blush at your passport’s tattered pages.

Seek adventure without expectation.
Fall in love with the journey over the destination.

Breathe in strange smells.
Breathe out judgments.

Learn the art of cold showers.
Redefine cleanliness.

Be humbled by the uselessness of your known language.
Understand that communication begins with the heart.

Hear presence when sounds are unfamiliar.
Develop familiarity with unknown sounds.

Know your inner compass will always guide you.
Trust the guidance it’s leading you to.

Ascend with adaptation when your plan goes array.
Find gratitude when life gives you a better plan.

Carry souvenirs in the forms of memories, photos, and journal entries.
Leave behind smiles, touched hearts, and warm embraces.

Pack just one backpack and an open mind.
Remind yourself that what your back can carry is really all you’ve ever needed to live a rich life.

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