My fascination with understanding human behavior and desire to help others led me to start my journey on the academic path of psychology at UCLA. I refused to choose a minor in college because my spectrum of interests was vast and my time to learn as much as possible was short. I filled my extra time with courses in music, philosophy, health, history, and genetics, to name a few. Through my exploration of interests, I discovered the joy in my heart always fell in a similar place: writing.

I find myself to be unusual for one that is dubbed “creative.” Unusual because my love for the arts is equal to my love for the field of science. I am as logical and objective as I am a wild dreamer. With effective communication in the form of the written word, I am certain I can merge science and creativity in ways that positively influence the lives of others.

My other lifelong passions include health, fitness, wellness, and meditation. I am constantly expanding my knowledge of these fields and I enjoy keeping up with the most recent findings. I take a holistic approach to my well-being and I thoroughly enjoy educating others to do the same.

In my free time, I embark on new adventures, travel as much as possible, involve myself in philanthropy, meet new people, and challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone. Life experience is the most important teacher I will ever have. I will continue to learn, discover, and explore to attain every last lesson it has to offer me.

– Mandy Budare

Besides this blog, here’s what else I do:

• Story telling (aka public speaking)
• Marketing Consulting
• Business Development
• Creative Writing
• Science and Research Articles
• Magazine Articles (various subjects)
• Design (the basics, nothing fancy)
• Digital Marketing
• Social Media Management
• Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Here are the other companies I am currently involved with:

The Greatness Foundation

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